GCHA Fall History Lecture Series

2011 Fall History Lecture Series

Sponsored by the Genesee County Historians Association

Genesee County Old Courthouse / 7 Main Street, Batavia NY

Programs start at 7:00 pm followed by refreshments

Cost is $5.00 each or $15.00 for all four.

Tickets are available at the History Department – 3 West Main Street and the night of the lectures. For additional information please call 343-2550 ext. 2613

Thursday September 22nd

From the Beautiful Death to the Commodification of Death: Changing Deathways in Victorian America

Speaker: Derek D. Maxfield, Historian and Instructor at Genesee Community College

Presentation Description: Historians have argued the American Civil War profoundly shaped politics, society, economics, and culture. But we are only beginning to understand how the Civil War changed our conception of death.

Thursday September 29th

Entertaining Genesee / Presentation & Book Signing Party

Speaker: Susan Conklin, Genesee County Historian

Presentation Description: The newest publication of the Genesee County Historians Association features our talented residents. This presentation will highlight some of our actors, musicians and you will also find out which famous celebrities visited our county.

Thursday October 6th

Genesee County Historian’s Ghost Tour

Speaker: Susan Conklin, Genesee County Historian

Presentation Description:

A power-point presentation of the annual Ghost Walk with feature the sites with extra details not possible on an evening stroll. So sit back, enjoy the shelter of the old court room (no fear of rain or snow to dampen your experience).

Thursday October 13th

Getting Here – A Century of Ruts, Dust and Macadam

Speaker, Lynne Belluscio, Director of the LeRoy House

Presentation Description: Traveling the highways and byways of Western New York is not as challenging as it was in the 19th century. Travelers were met with corduroy roads, axle deep mud, and waist deep snow and they lived to tell about it. Taken from first hand accounts, the presentation will attempt to share the experiences of Genesee County’s early tourists. And learn why Henry Ford was arrested for speeding in LeRoy – – and what he did about it.


About Derek Maxfield

Associate Professor of History Genesee Community College
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