Oakfield Historical Society

On behalf of the Oakfield Historical Society, I would like to invite everyone to the season opening of the Oakfield Historical Society’s displays in the Society’s home at 7 Maple Ave. in Oakfield. This will be held on April 14th from 11 – 3. This year our rooms include one with World War 2 items brought back home by residents of Oakfield. They brought back quite a collection of items. We will also have set up the 370 plaques with the names of every man in Oakfield who served in the war. During the war there was a large sign set up in Oakfield with the names of every man serving on it (sort of like the Vietnam wall today). If one was killed, a gold star was placed on the man’s name plaque. Those plaques have survived and they will all be on display. Another display this year is based upon Darlene Warner’s new book about the fires in Oakfield that claimed many of the larger businesses over the years. We have displayed many past collections of the Oakfield Fire Dept. We will also have the Oakfield Fire Deptartment there demonstrating their horse-drawn pumper, one of the first pieces of equipment owned by the fire department. There will also be some additions to our Native exhibit, as well as a small Civil War and 1812 exhibit. Food will be for sale during the event.

Thank you and hope to see you all there,
Steve Kruppenbacher
Oakfield Town/Village Historian


About Derek Maxfield

Associate Professor of History Genesee Community College
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