Lincoln Lectures at HLOM

To complement the current “Lincoln and the Constitution” exhibit at Holland Land Office and Museum, three special lectures on our 16th president have been scheduled:

Saturday January 11th. At 6:00 pm GCC History Professor Derek Maxfield will deliver a lecture entitled, “Lincoln: Constitutional Pragmatist.”

According to Maxfield, “Our relationship with the Constitution today is a funny thing: on the one hand we tend to revere it in the abstract, and on the other – as a society – we lack a deep understanding of it. The same could be said of our relationship with Lincoln. In fact, a deeper understanding of Lincoln might well surprise many people and tarnish his image. To some extent that is because we do not tend to think of Lincoln as a politician, but as a hero and statesman. The truth is that he was a talented politician and could be just as slippery as any of that breed. Lincoln’s relationship with the Constitution was shaped by both Lincoln the statesman and Lincoln the politician – depending upon circumstances. Of course, the circumstances were largely shaped by that deadly fraternal war he led the country through. Join us as we explore Lincoln and the Constitution at HLOM.”

Wednesday January 15th. At 12 noon GCC History Professor Garth Swanson will speaking on Lincoln and New York State. Bring your lunch coffee and tea will be provided.

Thursday January 16th. At 6:00 pm Mike (Max) Szemplenski from the Attica Historical Society will be speaking on Abraham Lincoln.



About Derek Maxfield

Associate Professor of History Genesee Community College
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